Gaining volunteers

Tips for recruiting volunteers

How do you attract the attention of that potential volunteer who is still searching or who wants something else? That is the key question to which every organization that works with volunteers would like to know the answer. We do not have a ready-made answer, but we can give you some tips. Read tips and resources for recruiting volunteers in this article.

Always keep in mind:

Recruiting students? This is the way to reach them!

Student city Leiden has no fewer than 33,000 students. How do you reach these students for your volunteer jobs?

i-doe works closely with Leiden University and their Community Engagement Service (CES) platform, whereby supply and demand from social organisations and students are matched. CES uses the i-doe vacancy database for referring students. Click here for more information about CES.


The perfect volunteer is anybody who is happy with you!

  • The volunteers you already have are your ambassadors;
  • satisfied volunteers recruit new ones almost automatically;
  • discuss whether they still enjoy what they do;

Put enough time into their guidance. Emphasize in vacancies why volunteering is fun and gives you energy or satisfaction.

What’s in it for the volunteer

What does voluntary commitment yield and what is the added value for the volunteer?:

  • good for your CV / entry into work or addition to work; 
  • discovering talents and further development;
  • satisfaction /making others happy;
  • gaining experience;
  • trying different types of “work” to discover what suits you best;
  • routine in your life 
  • feeling useful;
  • as a hobby;
  • meet other people / expand contacts  & broaden horizons);
  • respect and appreciation.

Do you want to read more? Movisie has published an extensive article with 12 tips for recruiting volunteers.

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