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You contribute to the blog and articles for the Good Traveller in the new Good Travel Guide (, launched 2 Sep 2020). We would like to  on subjects for travellers interested in responsible travel behaviour. The blog is primarily in English.

The first item in the Good Traveller series is an article on the climate impact of travel and what to do as a responsible traveller. We will also have an article written by a cruise professional: can cruise holidays be safe and sustainable? We are looking for “green travellers” who would like to share travel experience on for example:

  • ·         General tips for different types of travellers: staycationer / camper & caravanner / car user / city breaker / city shopper / package tourist / ferry & island hopper / overland safari tracker / Interrailer (e.g. don’t buy and dispose plastics, take a refillable water bottle, only buy locally produced souvenirs, …)
  • ·         Room and apartment sharing platforms: Airbnb: responsible or not at all? (e.g. ask whether host is living there)
  • ·         Hotel booking platforms: how to best support the local hotels? (against / Expedia / Airbnb)
  • ·         How do (some) airlines protect you against COVID19?
  • ·         Human rights: what will be your experience and risks when visiting countries like North Korea, China, Iran or Saudi-Arabia? Who will benefit of your visit?
  • ·         Heritage loss and environmental crisis: As a “good traveller”, would you visit places that are devastated, for tourism or other financial greed? (find some good examples…) Or would you rather feel in harmony with nature, culture and tradition? 

With the Good Travel Guide we want to inspire people all over the world to enjoy holiday places in a more sustainable and responsible way, for the benefit of local communities and preferably without flying large distances. That way we can together contribute to green, clean and responsible holiday destinations.

Work on the website can be done from home or at our office in Leiden. Of course you can also learn a lot from the other team members at the office, certainly also from the international group of students.

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