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Het Leids steunloket migranten

Rayan Yunis

Are you looking for satisfaction in helping younger migrants in learning and education? Or do you want to gain special work experience to help young migrants bridge the education system of their country of origin and the education system in the Netherlands? The Leids Support Desk Migrants has an open vacancy for enthusiastic volunteers / students with a great desire to help people!


Who are we?

LSM is a non-profit organization, offers free services and is committed to serving the public good. We focus on regular migrants (family formers, labor migrants, family migrants, study migrants, older migrants, younger migrants, etc.)

The LSM offers, among other things, (legal) advice, guidance and translations for migrants. In addition, social activities such as the snack bar are organized.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic colleagues who work together on a voluntary basis to help young migrants bridge the education system of their country of origin and the education system in the Netherlands. With this we strive for a positive influence on the learning process of children / young people.

Job description :

In this role you help children and adolescents, whose education is interrupted by migration or flight, to become familiar with the Dutch school system. Missed years away from school, the language barrier, and differences between the school system and the way of teaching in their home country and the Netherlands hinder the education of children and can lead to demotivation and a feeling of inferiority. For example, you support them in doing their homework or with aspects of the curriculum that they find difficult.

We expect:

• That you are willing to help children with their schoolwork in one of the following subjects: mathematics, French, German, English, physics, chemistry, biology and Dutch. Other topics will hopefully be covered by the screen.


• The deadlines will likely be Tuesday or Sunday afternoon / evening, either weekly or once every two weeks, depending on your availability.

• You don't have to be a math genius or speak perfect English! It is more important to listen to the children, find out what their personal obstacles are and encourage them.

• Remember that their learning process can be seriously interrupted and you cannot always rely on prior knowledge - be prepared to explain concepts in different ways.


• That you can have a positive influence on the education of children.


We offer:

• An interesting position in a dynamic cultural, social, pleasant environment.

• Free participation in all cultural activities of the foundation, such as a café, music, concerts, etc.

      • Relevant pedagogical experience and knowledge of the learning and teaching bridging process.

       • Opportunities to learn more about other languages ??& cultures.

      • Opportunities to conduct a sociocultural / learning process research.

      • Flexible hours: working hours and hours are between 2 and 5 hours per week.



About the organization

For the execution of our mission

Come join us  to work together for a peaceful, human view of immigration issues.

About us :

The Leiden Support Desk for Migrants is a multicultural, humanitarian, social organization that answers questions in the areas of aliens legislation, material statuary  status, humanitarian practical legal social issues and social and medical support. We focus on newcomers, refugees, ordinary migrants (family members, labor migrants, family migrants or study migrants) and undocumented asylum seekers.

The Leiden Support Desk for Migrants is a non-profit institution, offers free service and pays special attention to Arabic-speaking status holders or migrants.

The Leiden Support Desk for Migrants Foundation works in two areas:

• On the one hand, we work on day-to-day legal, social, humanitarian services that usually deal with short-term, one-off contacts and solving practical and business problems.

• On the other hand, we work on legal and social assistance issues that have to do with process-based contacts.

We help by:

• Gathering information, acting as a point of advice and consultation for status holders and migrants.

• Organizing information evenings on certain legal issues, Legal, social counseling, information and translation services.

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