Why volunteer?

From homework supervisor to school lunch-break monitor, from handyman to musician, from day trip supervisor for elderly people to a volunteer cook. Almost anything you can think of can be done as a volunteer. We describe below, in more detail what the possibilities are in the various sectors.

Art and Culture

If there is one sector that is diverse in terms of composition, then is that art and culture. Subsidies for the arts sector have been reduced in recent years, thereby decreasing the number of paid jobs and increasing the need for volunteers. The range of volunteer work is as diverse as the sector itself. 5% of all volunteers work in the cultural sector. For a city like Leiden, with more than 40,000 active volunteers, that means about 2,000 fellow ‘Leidenaren.’

Cultural institutions play a role in well-being, citizen participation, education, integration, leisure policy, social unity and health care. The range of volunteer work in Leiden is huge. In many cases, volunteers work at cultural institutions such as music associations, historical associations, museums and amateur theater. This also includes intangible heritage, such as flower parades and processions. Museums or pop venues often depend entirely on volunteers to exist. For example, Werfpop needs volunteers every year, but the De Put mill can also use a volunteer’s help. The range of volunteer work in the cultural sector varies from administrative assistant through carpenter and plumber for example. If you want to be surprised by the large selection of jobs and you feel ready to roll your sleeves up in the cultural sector, then view the available vacancies here.

Education, Care and Welfare

Everyone can benefit from a smile, a hand on the shoulder, a walk or a nice cup of coffee. If there is onre sector in which the presence and work of volunteers make a difference to people then it is the Care and Welfare sector. Volunteering in this sector is so incredibly easy because it is work that actually does not differ from your normal daily activities.

For a volunteer, the range of work in the Care and Welfare sector is endless, whether you are looking for administrative work or something more practical. So take a look at our vacancy database …


Animals, Nature and Environment

You don’t have to be a certified gardener, biologist or veterinarian to work in the Animals, Nature and Environment sector. The range of volunteer work is as varied as nature itself. If you have a good dose of enthusiasm, a positive attitude and if you don’t mind the occasional shower of rain on your head, then the volunteer jobs are, as they say, up for grabs. The beauty of nature is that it can be found everywhere, and voluntary work is always just around the corner. These are just a few examples of volunteering in the open air: gardener, walking buddy or school-garden supervisor. Do you love to work on your cell phone all day? Then you could work as a blogger / vlogger, twitterer or facebooker for a nature conservation organisation. And if hospitality is completely your thing, there are various functions where you can talk to visitors or receive guests. In addition, there are many positions that are desperate for your administrative skills and experience.

You see, you can contribute as a volunteer in all sorts of ways. Have we sparked your interest? View the large selection of vacancies here.


Sport is good for you, and it doesn’t matter if you do it on an individual basis or in a club or team. The Netherlands has more than 27,000 sports clubs. Sport in the Netherlands is unthinkable without the involvement and weekly commitment of more than one million volunteers. That is about 10% of all people who do voluntary work. Despite this huge number, 73% of all clubs or associations need more volunteers: “More and more work is ending up on the shoulders of fewer and fewer people.”

The range of voluntary work in sport is diverse. For example, many volunteers run bar services in the club canteen or have taken on the supervision of teams. Others ensure that the materials used for the sports are in perfect condition. In addition, personal coaching of a player with a physical or mental disability for example is also possible. Think of running,  walking or cycling with visually impaired people.

I-doe has volunteer work in all shapes and sizes in the sports sector. In the job vacancies section you will find on average more than 50 vacancies for sports volunteers. Click here to go directly to the overview of sports vacancies.

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