Young people and volunteering

Why volunteering?
A lot of young people (from high school students to master students) in and around the city of Leiden are volunteering, join them! If you volunteer, you will be developing the skills you chose, building your CV, gaining experience in your field of study or work and you will increase your network. In addition, it will give you a good feeling to mean something to someone else or to make an impact on society. Moreover, research shows that voluntary commitment makes you happier and healthier. Why volunteering? That’s why.

What is Young iDOE about?
Young iDOE informs and enthuses young people between the age of 14 and 27 about and matches them to volunteering in Leiden. Young iDOE forms an enthusiastic and diverse youth team with interns and volunteers. This youth team will get to work with all kinds of activities in Leiden, with the mission to speak to as much young people as possible, and activate them to go volunteer.

  • We host guest lessons and workshops on high schools, MBO Rijnland, Hogeschool Leiden and Universiteit Leiden
  • We are present at festivals or participate at other events with young people
  • We make vlogs and blogs
  • We make social media campaigns
  • We train organisations in how to raise and accompany volunteers
  • We help young people with finding cool vacancies through the collaboration with the schools and through are Open Contact Point
  • We think along with initiatives or ideas regarding youth participation and volunteering


Work together with Young iDOE as an organisation?
That’s also possible! Do you have young people that want to volunteer, or are you looking for young volunteers, or do you have another idea about collaberating? Contact Lotte via or +31682252963 and we will discuss what we can mean for each other. We look forward to meeting you!

Young iDOE matches via the volunteer positions
Go directly to the volunteer positions and get inspired. You can filter by activity type, target group, city district, etc. Register as a volunteer, without obligation, and if you see something that appeals to you, you can easily respond online and come into contact directly with the organisation itself. Click here to see the vacancies that are currently available. You can also read at the right side (on laptop) or below (on phone) about a few different volunteer positions, that are especially interesting for young people!

Contact point
For more information about volunteering, you can visit our Open Contact Point in the central library at Tuesdays or Thursdays between 12 and 16 pm (Nieuwstraat 4 Leiden). 

Collaboration with FSW University of Leiden
Young iDOE works closely together with the Community Engagement Service (CES) of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences. This platform aims to inform, advice and accompany students towards relevant (extracurricular) work experience, with an important focus on volunteering. Read more about it here:


Contact us

Telephone: +31 (0)6-30210324

Visit us!
Do you want to volunteer, but do not know what the possibilities are? Do you have a question as an organisation regarding voluntary commitment? Then visit our Open Contact Point. Our advisors will be happy to assist you. You can find us in the heart of the city. Do you want to know more? Follow the news on our social media channels.

  • Open Contact Point Leiden:
    Central Library, Nieuwstraat 4 (Next to the coffee corner)/ 06-30210324
    Tue/Thu | 12.00 – 16.00

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